The climate puppets

Documentary web created by students of the European schools participating in the project Youngsters I.Doc Makers (YIDOCM)

Climate change

Probably the biggest issue which strikes all of us around the globe. Get into the matter.

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Social impact

Find out why migration is directly linked to climate change and what we can do about it.

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Migration crisis

Refugees face a lot of challenges. See their experiences and how they cope!

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The Climate Puppets
Cut the Ropes

This documentary shows four stories focused on two key topics for european youngsters: climate change and migration flows in Europe, and connections between them. These matters are addressed from several youngsters' point of view, who face in a personal way these global challlenges.

Valerie, young youtuber, starts showing Daniel's history, a student from Madrid who must face thr impact of climate change on agriculture. Meantime, Lars, a young Berlin photographer, tries to understand the real life of a lot of refugees, coming to Germany in late years. Lars considers how to help, from a political perspective, solving these two problems. By her behalf, Chiara, a young student from Roma, becomes aware of the impact of the huge amount of waste we generate in daily life, and how it connects with climate change. Finally, Lisa shows up her commitment with the environment, taking good care of consumption, from daily diet to means of transportation, which causes a generation clash with her family.

The Climate Puppets: Four stories, one problem, our problem, our responsibility, our solutions.

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