The climate puppets

Documentary web created by students of the European schools participating in the project Youngsters I.Doc Makers (YIDOCM)

Do Remix !

What is Remix?

Remix is an interactive and creative activity to promote the participation of the audience. Here you have separated the four audiovisual pieces of The Climate Puppets documentary.

Following this guide, you can create a new video. Download the video(s) and use the guide! You can start with these audiovisual materials and add your own images.

Send us your remix and we’ll upload it to our webpage.

Daniel (Madrid)

Lars (Berlin)

Chiara (Rome)

Lisa (Vienna)

Are you a teacher or an environmental educator?

Remixing in a stimulating learning activity, dedicated to promote the participation of young people in a workshop, where students between 14-18 years can learn to edite video and audio using the simple tool of Youtube or others.

They learn some simple lessons about the author´s rights and the Creative Commons licenses too. A teacher specialised in audiovisual editing from YIDOCM´s team, has created a very effective tutorial to help teachers from other areas of high school and theirs students.

But the remix of “The Climate Puppets” is something more, is an special media literacy activity, focused on the climate change and the migration flows. The original audiovisual materials are created by the students participants in the Strategic Association "Youngters I.Doc. Makers". Young people co-creating about the content produced by other youngters.

Do you want to do a remix workshops? Contact us for more information!

Down here you can watch the winners of 4 remix workshops developed in Tarragona (Spain), Rome (Italy), Berlin (Germany) and Vienna (Austria).

Workshop Tarragona

Workshop Berlin

Workshop Rome

Workshop Vienna